Our environment today is such that nobody is willing to help the young people. On my way to the sport center to relax my mind and have some fun, I met a middle aged young man who narrated the story of his life to me. It was a bitter experience and even till now I can’t stop wondering how someone could manage to break through from such sorrowful experience.

The story

From the story the boy narrated, I found out that he was an orphan and was just two years old when he lost both parents as he was informed by his aunt who raised him.
His aunt tried as much as she could so that he would not feel the absence of his parents at the tender age, but unfortunately the woman died when he was just 14 years of age and that was the beginning of his sorrow-filled life.

He had to drop out of school when there was no one to sponsor his education. After roaming the street for almost a year, he decided to start doing something in order to sustain his life. He enrolled with a barbing saloon as an apprentice and was successful. He was freed to stand on his own after three years.


According to him, He started barbing business two years ago and found the work very tedious as a youth that was just coming up and mostly because the environment he was operating was not conducive for some reasons.  He managed to build the business from scratch to a household name. He became the choice of the people and as a result of that he had to work for long hours every day.


Backache Pain Drama

Barbing as everyone knows is one of the works that is carried out while standing. He said he would stand for an average of 7 hours any day he opens his shop. The long hours of standing resulted in back problems and leg pains. He had to close the shop temporarily in order to find a permanent solution to the problems. Despite all the efforts made, he couldn’t find a lasting solution to the problems and that made him to almost give up his handiwork.

I was touched with the story of this hard-working young man and promised to go as far as I could to help him find a permanent solution to these health problems.

When I returned home that fateful day, I contacted all my friends that are health professionals in order to get some help to these problems but all they prescribed was pain killer. The pain killer truly relieved the pains, but it was not the solution I was looking for because it only worked temporarily. Also, with the facts that prolong usage of all these pain killers have side effect, I had to consider looking for another option with absolutely no side effect.

How Anti Fatigue Mats Help Me

When I couldn’t get help from any health professional, I returned to my search engines because I believed there would be people out there sharing testimonies of how they solved their own problems.

I was so delighted when I stumbled on the review of a lady narrating how the anti fatigue mats helped her to solve her backache and leg pains. The day was the best day of my life because of the feeling that I would help someone to rise again.

I introduced the mat to him and he accepted it without any doubt. I felt so happy when he informed me of his return to his business.

We became best of friends and he never for once complained of any backache or leg pains again.

Created By Moudy Ghazy, updated on August 29, 2016