I’m a gentleman who came from a humble background, I have worked really hard and God almighty has blessed my little efforts. I was born into a beautiful family of five. My father passed away when I was very young and so my mother raised us. In the community, lots of things depended on my mum to function but suddenly everything changed. From residing in a 3 bedroom flat which was ours, we relocated to a rented 2 bedroom flat and also from there to a one room self-contained. It was in fact a retrogression and very terrible experience. I had to drop out of school at SS2.


At a point in my life I felt something really needed to be changed. I noticed ladies from my town prefer to make their hair from a guy rather than going to a female stylist. Based on that, I started following my neighbor, who is a hairdresser, to her shop to be learning the work. After 6 months, I have started making some simple hairstyle and found out that ladies prefer me to work on their hair despite that I was still learning. After a while, the owner of the shop employed me as a stylist and I was earning N5000 a month from making hair, but it was barely enough to cater for our needs. The struggle was a tough one at the same time I needed to make more money. A friend of mine introduced me to a job in the city and that was the beginning of the good and the bitter experience.


Life in the city is the best any youth would ever think of! I had a successful career in the city. I became everyone’s choice. Less than two years that I joined the company, colleagues had started hating. Some said I was using charm on the customers, while some believed I was flirting with customers, but despite all the hatred and envy, I focused on my job.

Due to the nature of my work and the location of the salon, I stand for at least straight six hours every day. When the long standing started telling on my body, it started with leg pains and later to backache. Sometimes, I would stop and think maybe it was the handiwork of my jealous colleagues because I didn’t see it coming from my work.


The situation got worse that I couldn’t stand to complete a single braid as a result of serious backache and leg pains. At that point, the manager told me to go and find a solution to my problem in order not to tarnish the reputation the salon has built over time. I was depressed and felt rejected. On my way home, one of our customers who saw my countenance asked me about the problem, and when I narrated the whole story to her, she gave the best response I could I ever think of.

She told me she once had a similar experience and she was able to solve the problem with anti-fatigue floor mat. She introduced the mat to me and I was able to conquer the backache and leg pains with the wonders of anti-fatigue mat. I returned to my work and claimed back the throne.

Created By Moudy Ghazy, updated on Feb 15, 2016