Life in the university was really interesting and fun-filled. Apart from the academic activities, we had lots of social functions that made my university days memorable. The school life was not as easy as we normally assumed; though fun-filled but also very stressful. Nothing feels better that than having one’s family around most of the time. Despite the loads of work that I had to do every day, I still enjoyed my stay at home better than my days back in the university. As the only girl in the house, I use to stand for an average of four hours in the kitchen every day. Cooking, washing, and involving in all other kitchen activities such as baking which is one of my hobbies also contributed greatly to the length of time I spent in the kitchen every day. Most times, I would feel slight backache and leg pains, but I never consider it a serious issue after all I was still a young girl that should not consider laziness an option. So most times I only had a short rest and sometimes took some painkillers to feel relieved.

Employment Success 

After relaxing at home for few weeks, I started submitting my Resume to different companies for job placement. I attended several interviews and in the end, I was employed for a supervisory role in a catering service company. This job was indeed a dream come true simply because cooking had been my hobby and a regular activity I had been doing. The only issue with the job was the long hours of standing it required. I use to stand in the kitchen at work for at least five hours and would still stand while cooking at home for another two hours. This long hour of standing is what led me to an unimaginable discovery.

How The Whole Issue Started    

The backache and the leg pains started few months into my new job. I didn’t even take it really seriously since it had occurred in the past and I always had a way of managing the situation. The problem became deteriorated after a while due to my negligence. I didn’t take proper care of it and this led to series of query at work as a result of not meeting up with the work target for each day. A friend suggested regular exercise and simple kitchen rug which I tried, but to no avail. After I had been given series of warning from my superior officers, I was suspended from work for four weeks and was issued a warning to ensure everything come back to normal before the end of the suspension period. I started running around from one doctor to the other in search of a permanent cure in order not to lose my job. None of the doctors could provide a long lasting solution until I met an old friend who suggested the anti-fatigue kitchen mat for me.

Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mat Solved It

The anti-fatigue kitchen mat came in as a miracle. I used the mat everyday as a result of the hunger for a quick result. It was a big surprise when the backache and the leg pains started disappearing and happiness found its place back in my heart.
The price of the mat was not exactly affordable, but for the quality, it was not a waste of money but a blessing.

The Happy Ending

I was called back to work after the management received my letter on the improvement of my health. Without studying medicine, I became a consultant on back ache and leg pains in the office. I successfully introduced the mat to all other kitchen staffs in the company and we were never again found wanting for not meeting the work target.

Created By Moudy Ghazy, updated on Feb 7, 2016