A few days ago, my childhood friend and I sat at a restaurant somewhere in my home town. While we waited to be served, we discussed a few issues related to youth and I shared with him how I secured my first job and my experience with the job. When I concluded, he encouraged me to share the experience with younger people as a source of motivation and inspiration.
I completed my final degree (B.sc, Accounting) exams in November, 2002 at a popular University. After the completion of my project, I nearly couldn’t wait to get done with the last semester course work. My desire for real business issues like strategy, finance, operations management, etc. was so overwhelming that course work become boring.


With a clear mission in mind: ‘to pursue a career in managerial economics and finance’, I left my home town to the city in search of a good job and as fate would have it, I was unable to get my dream job. After going from one company to the other, I ended up in the classroom.

I never for once in my life thought of becoming a teacher or building a career in teaching, but destiny cannot be altered, I accepted it in good faith.

was employed in a primary school as a class teacher, which means I have to teach for 8 periods every day from Monday to Friday. I took over the responsibility and it was delivered diligently. In fact, I always enjoy a weekly commendation from the head of the school.

The work was not really comfortable because I always have to stand from 8am to 2pm every working day. Also, as a young bachelor, I didn’t have any choice than to go into the kitchen and organize something for myself to eat.


After doing the job for a year and five months, I started having a strange feeling in my body. I found out that my back and legs ache painfully every evening whenever I try to prepare something to eat. I never thought of it to be a serious issue until it starts affecting my work in the school.

The pains were severe to the extent that I hardly have the strength to stand for four hours before the pains start affecting my balance. It got worse that I could not stay in the kitchen after work. I had to resolve to everyday snacks which made the suffering worse since the kind of work I am doing requires physical strength.

The Magic Of Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

I am the type that always like to share my problems with people around me, so that I can get different opinions from them. A colleague at work advised me to try the regular rubber mat which I got but to no avail.

After trying several suggestions from well wishers, without getting any tangible result, I decided to visit a doctor. The doctor prescribed the anti fatigue floor mat for me and that was how the backache and the leg pains become history.

With my anti fatigue floor mat, I can stand as long as I want, anytime, anywhere! It was so interesting that I was even allowed to make use of it at work.

Created By Moudy Ghazy, updated on August 27, 2016