I got married some years back to my loving sweetheart Dorris, our courtship lasted only for a year before we got married. My friends felt it was too soon since we barely know each other, but I believed love was all that matters. As at that time, I was working in Springfield, Illinois while she resides in NewYork. We only see each other occasionally, so we decided to take the relationship to the next level.

We got married and started living a lovely life. We loved each other so much, but there were things we did not know about each other since we had a long distance relationship, hence, we encountered lots of problems.

She had a very bad mouth, there was no one she couldn’t challenge, even me and that leads to misunderstanding most of the times and sometimes physical assault. Although, she had some negative attitudes, yet she  was the best thing I ever have in my life.


I have learned that when a divorce eventually comes up, at least one partner would feel that they made too hasty a decision. Before they understand that, so much bad feeling would have come between them and  it can be very hard to find a way back. That’s why it takes years to get over a divorce.

It was all my fault and I will always admit that. On the day the whole issue happened, I left my phone in the bedroom to have my bath and before I returned my woman had gone through the whole bbm chats on my phone. She discovered the way I have been flirting with girls, and this was what eventually resulted into a broken home as a result of impatience.

I did not foresee how much I would miss those lovely experiences in marriage, some things like sharing a meal or enjoying a cup of tea in bed until it all went sour. Those daily routines stabilize life and make it delightful.


Separation can be very painful.  There exists nothing that can quickly take away the agony, it is something which has to be worked through. Experiencing a divorce simply means, you are dealing with rejection, grief, and a broken heart.

After a short while of grief, I put myself together in order not to leave everything messy. I couldn’t believe it when I started seeing myself doing all the house chores. As someone who doesn’t like eating outside, every morning before I leave for work and any time I returned back from work, I would have to go to the kitchen and cook something for myself. It was just after a few weeks that I realized women are really doing a great job.

The stress of cooking, washing and general cleaning resulted in a severe leg pain and backache. It was a terrible experience, most especially at the that particular period of time.


When the pains became unbearable, I shouted out for help. I visited a doctor and she introduced the anti-fatigue floor mat to me. I didn’t believe in it in the first place because all I was expecting was some medical diagnosis and then treatment. When I started using it continuously, I found out that the pains disappeared and was able to carry out all normal daily activities without entertaining any fear.

Although I miss Dorris everyday of my life, but anti-fatigue floor mat also got my back!

Created By Moudy Ghazy, updated on Feb 15, 2016